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Service Description

I've Got This Kid is committed to enhancing early developmental knowledge in the areas of speech, language and play for the benefit of professionals to connect, grow and support the birth to three population.  We offer cutting edge professional developmental training that is practical, applicable, and most importantly fun for you and your team. Our mission is to personalize the experience in order for your team to have immediate confidence and positive effects on the students they serve!  

Language Milestone Movement

What should I expect?

Did you know that foundational language development  for the birth to 3 population can have a lasting impact on social skills, cognition, problem solving, and long-term academic skills??? Did you know that learning understanding early language development can not only excel your learners, but also bridge the gap with sluggish speakers??? Get ahead of the game by learning these milestones to benefit your learning community!

-Language Development Milestones

-Characteristics of Language Delays

-Natural Strategies to Decrease Gaps

Behavior Busters

Distinguishing between language delay or learned behaviors?

During the language BOOM, toddlers are learning to use their words to replace crying. When toddlers are not using words to communicate, they are using behaviors to help compensate. These behaviors can impact the classroom, educators, families as well as impact your student’s ability to learn. Avoid getting caught in behaviors and learn how to bust unwanted behaviors while creating a healthy learning environment!

-Characteristics of Language Delays

-Associated Behaviors in Language Delays

-Strategies for Support

-Red Flag Behaviors 

Classroom Goals

Managing Language Goals in the Class

With inclusion on the rise, educators are not always equipped to handle day-to-day responsibilities as well as how to include all learners in the classroom environment. Learn simple, easy-to-follow strategies to overcome these hurdles with ease. Tool your educators up to create a healthy learning community!!!

-Supporting the Language Delayed Child    -Collaborating with Families 

-Fun, Foundational Reading Techniques       -Managing Language Goals in the Class 

what to expect:

  • Flexible scheduling with optional:

    • 1/2 day full course offerings

    • Weekly course offerings

    • Monthly course offerings

  • Interactive learning (e.g., case study offerings, hands-on practice)

  • Practical knowledge, skills, and tools to apply to various settings (e.g. preschools, daycares, clinics, service organizations)


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(minimum of 5 participants, maximum of 10 participants to ensure a masterful interpersonal experience)