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about i've got this kid

Cherina Williams, of I’ve Got This Kid, licensed speech and language pathologist, homeschooling mom of 2 and wife of one created the first episode of I’ve Got This Kid Podcast in November of 2019, as part of a grad school project.

Understanding the unique needs of serving the birth to three population, Cherina learned the true value of finding the balance between educating parents, teaching parents how to generalize therapeutic goals, and creating effective avenues to ensure that client needs were being met. Cherina learned that parents wanted answers on how to be an asset for their child’s growth and development.  Based on the great feedback she received from her professor along with friends and family after the first pilot episode, she realized the podcast could be the perfect catalyst to answers frequently asked questions with the broader audience. 

It is Cherina’s ultimate goal to help families maximize their relationship with their child using strategies to connect, grow and learn.

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